For over six years Startup Smartup has delivered valuable real-world skills and 21st century programming to students across the country.  Our online platform teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship while exploring college and career pathways whether students are at home, in class or a hybrid learning environment.

2020 has presented all too many challenges for schools of every kind.  The impact of distance learning has upended programs due to lack of participation and the difficulty to adapt.  Startup Smartup doesn’t believe that the current obstacles are insurmountable, on the contrary, our program is perfectly positioned as a 100% virtual entrepreneurship program.  The allure of being able to start a business today in this environment and to make real money draws student attention and drives participation in Afterschool, ROP and CTE programs.  Students are excited, and parents equally relieved that valuable options are available during these challenging times.

From self-esteem to communication, accountability, management, drive, ambition and goal setting, students develop a skill set that is difficult to otherwise learn out of a book.  Whether it’s going to college, the military or into the workforce, the character development will benefit them regardless of the direction they choose.

Learn more about how Startup Smartup can help you as we all move forward together to bring actionable and progressive programming to you, your students and your community.