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The Emotional Intelligence test can help you determine how effective you are at working with others and what skills you could further develop to be more successful in your career. Read each statement to decide how well the statement describes you.
There are no right or wrong answers, so do not spend too much time thinking about your responses. Be sure to respond to every statement.

1.I welcome constructive criticism
2.I attend all meetings on time
3.I am willing to help other classmates
4.I appreciate differences in others
5.I communicate my ideas clearly
6.I am prepared to make sacrifices to reach goals
7.I foster team spirit
8.I acknowledge others’ viewpoints
9.I communicate in a nonjudgmental manner
10.I keep the commitments I make to people and supervisors
11.I acknowledge and reward people for their contributions
12.I encourage differing opinions
13.I disagree with others tactfully
14.I make organizational goals a priority
15.I openly share new information with classmates
16.I recognize the positive ideas of others
17.I ask questions and encourage others to do so
18.I maintain ethical standards when completing tasks
19.I trust other classmates to complete their work
20.I empathize with others easily
21.I give others constructive feedback
22.I identify and respond to needs without being asked
23.I foster cooperation among classmates
24.I am willing to change my mind
25.I listen attentively to others
26.I follow the rules and regulations of the school
27.I encourage participation among uncommitted classmates
28.I enjoy working with people different from me
29.I notice nonverbal and verbal cues
30.I complete tasks efficiently
31.I am cooperative
32.I respect the personal boundaries of others
33.I learn as much as possible from my classmates
34.I hold myself accountable for my actions
35.I coordinate my work with that of my classmates
36.I make the best use of everyone’s strengths