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People experiencing job transitions are often confused about how to navigate them. The following assessment can help people who know they need to do something but aren’t exactly sure what. It can help you determine, based on your personality, which direction might be best for you to pursue.

Read each statement and decide how true the statement is for you. This is not a test. Since there are no right or wrong answers, do not spend too much time on each item. Be sure to respond honestly to every statement.

1.I would like to stay in one profession my entire career
2.I am interested in part-time work
3.I am always alert to business opportunities
4.I get bored and lose interest easily
5.I do not like change
6.I would willingly take less pay to work fewer hours
7.I often have two or more sources of income
8.I quickly adapt to new situations
9.I would describe myself as very practical
10.I gain satisfaction from both work and leisure activities
11.I am a risk-taker
12.I do not mind changing jobs
13.I easily commit to my employer’s product or service
14.I have many different hobbies
15.I always attempt to find ways to meet an employer’s needs
16.I like to gain experience by working at different jobs
17.I would like to stay with the same employer my entire career
18.I work so I can pursue my hobbies
19.I am very goal oriented
20.I constantly network for new job opportunities
21.My work is my primary source of life satisfaction
22.I seek recognition and success from both work and leisure
23.I have always wanted to own my own company
24.When a job loses its challenge, I move on to another
25.I prefer a highly structured work environment
26.Work is not a problem—as long as it does not interfere with the rest of my life
27.I have skills that I can transfer from one job to another
28.I believe that self-promotion is critical to career development
29.I feel a sense of connection to my work
30.I carefully balance my work and personal life
31.Others consider me to be a visionary thinker
32.Changing jobs is a way to build new skill sets
33.I will stick with an employer through good and bad times
34.I am an idea person
35.I am highly competitive
36.I need to keep finding new challenges
37.I always worry about losing my job
38.I have lots of interests competing for my time
39.I would like to build a business from scratch
40.I cannot imagine staying with the same company for decades