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The following assessment can help you decide whether self-employment is a viable option for you.

It contains 50 statements related to the qualities shared by successful entrepreneurs.

Read each statement to decide whether the statement describes you. If the statement is true for you, circle the number next to that item under the “True” column. If the statement is false for you, select the number next to that item under the “False” column.
Do not spend too much time thinking about your responses, and be sure to respond to every statement.

1.I often overreact to things
2.I persist in the face of challenges
3.I can be assertive when necessary
4.I need other people around when I am working
5.I would not consider myself to be “driven”
6.I am well organized
7.I am knowledgeable about sales and marketing
8.I am good at multitasking
9.I am not a good writer
10.I become frustrated easily
11.I am creative
12.I am a risk-taker
13.I often do not trust my own instincts
14.I like to work independently
15.I am not very optimistic
16.I do not want to punch a time clock
17.I am not very competitive
18.I will work until the job is complete to my satisfaction
19.I have trouble staying on schedule
20.I am a self-starter
21.I embrace change
22.I have difficulty making decisions
23.I think business opportunities are everywhere
24.I am a procrastinator
25.I am results oriented
26.I am confident in my abilities
27.I have trouble generating ideas
28.I hate to be bogged down with details
29.I am a visionary thinker
30.I would not be comfortable if I did not receive a regular paycheck
31.I am thorough and attentive to details
32.I have many ideas for businesses I could start
33.I have trouble meeting deadlines
34.I am easily distracted
35.I do not mind working long hours
36.I know what a business plan is
37.I am a charismatic person
38.I am not afraid to make sacrifices
39.I like to set clear goals for myself
40.I am worried about going into debt
41.I prefer to be told what to do
42.I am impatient
43.I am always thinking about ways to improve things
44.I like to solve complex problems
45.I am not very good at math
46.I tend to blame others when something goes wrong
47.I understand the difference between a failure and a setback
48.I have been called stubborn by people who know me
49.I am willing to commit my savings to a new enterprise
50.I do not like managing other people