Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century

Eleven real businesses students can start this weekend with self-directive lessons exploring social and emotional learning and college and career readiness

Why Startup Smartup?

Social & Emotional Learning

Students learn by doing, by teaching, and through community engagement. These are the skills you can’t learn from a book: salesmanship, communication and being solution-oriented.

College & Career Exploration

Exercises and activities evaluate personality types, strengths, and interests and provide feedback for students to explore as they consider the pathways to and through high school and beyond.

Financial Literacy

Students learn how to open a bank account, the difference between debit and credit cards, what a credit score is, saving vs. investing, how to build a profit and loss statement, how to categorize line items, and much more.


Our latest Social Emotional Learning data from Hello Insight!


made gains in at least one of the CASEL 5 competencies


made gains in three or more competencies


of students satisfied with program


of students reported positively challenged growth


Be a young entrepreneur. Choose from eleven different businesses and learn how to get yours up and running today. You’ll learn how to design your own website, how to find customers and how to make real money before you know it!



Help your child learn real-world skills today. Video tutorials, guidebooks and lesson plans will teach them how to set up one of eleven different businesses. They’ll learn how to design their own website, find customers and track their performance as well as the importance of persistence, doing a good job and the principles of salesmanship.


Teachers + Administrators

Think outside of the box and bring engaging online 21st century programming to your students. Explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship including goal setting, prospecting, the sales cycle and the principles of salesmanship. Guided lessons are easy to use and focus on social and emotional learning and college and career pathways.


Partner Testimonials

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    Nitda Sayviseth

    Startup Smartup is one of the best business resources for young students who are interestedin learning how to become a young entrepreneur.


    Sheilah M. Brooks

    As we know, not every student desires to go to college. Many also can't afford the high price tag that now comes vith a college education.


    Shimi Kang MD


    Startup Smartup is needed now more than ever. With job markets and college admissions tougher than ever.



    Entrepreneurship appeals to Generation Y.