Consider Startup Smartup as a resource to address four relevant issues facing our youth today:

  • Increasing Educational Opportunities for Resilient Youth:  Program teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, work ethic, goal setting, salesmanship, communication and community engagement through charity work.
  • Promoting Employment and Asset-Building Opportunities:  Program promotes 21st Century Skills including coding, website design, social media marketing and CRM exposure to better position students to enter the job market with high-value, in-demand technical skills.
  • Fostering Healthy Environments: Program fosters student confidence and self-esteem through community and peer engagement using entrepreneurship as the vehicle.
  • Promoting Violence Prevention:  Program promotes social and emotional development by focusing on four general areas; How to handle people, How to make people like you, How to win people to your way of thinking and How to change people.  These are all in an effort to bolster resiliency, ambition and empowerment while mitigating delinquency and gang involvement. 
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