Is landscaping for you?

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Like most jobs you do for yourself they all deliver a certain reward that comes from having taken something and improved it with your own hands. Landscaping can be one of the most rewarding jobs as the work is immediately recognizable and appreciated.

The tools necessary might be more extensive than other jobs, but they’re investments and allow you to do in half the time what it might take someone without the right tools to accomplish. Landscaping can bring anywhere from $20 to simply mow a small yard upwards of $1,000 or more depending on specific services.


The great news about landscaping is that grass keeps growing – along with weeds, shrubs and hedges, so they need consistent upkeep. Seasonality can play a factor depending on where you are geographically, but even in snowy areas, there’s still outside work to be done. Have a look at the tools and tutorials to get started in landscaping.