Love kids?

A noble, flexible and rewarding business awaits!


If you’re comfortable with the demands of babysitting, you naturally have the personality for the work and you’re willing to take the necessary preparations to get certified and registered, babysitting can be less of a job and more of an opportunity for you. You can develop long lasting relationships while making some great money along the way, with relatively flexible hours.


Startup Smartup will help you with discounted certifications through The Red Cross! In just four hours, you’ll gain the confidence to handle most babysitting situations, like what to do in an emergency and how to keep yourself and the kids safe. You’ll also learn the basics of childcare, like feeding and changing diapers. Plus, you’ll get tips on talking with parents and how to get your business started.

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Healthy food that babies like most

We provide you the following selection of foods that are great for baby’s health

Best food for babies

Broccoli is full of folate and fiber and it also contains cancer-fighting properties

Bananas are known as a source of Potassium, also contain vitamins B6 and C, Calcium and Iron

Avocados are a rich source of unsaturated fats

Blueberries are bursting with antioxidants, also are good for baby’s eyes, brain and even urinary tract

Dark green leafy vegetables have high amount of iron and folate

Meat is a great source of protein, Zinc and Iron

Food Progression 4 – 6 months

Initial food

Breast milk is the natural perfect food for any baby around the world

Organic vegetables

Pureed Carrots, Creamed Corn, Pureed Squash, Pureed Green Beans, Pureed Peas, Pureed Sweet Potatoes

Organic Cereals

Rice, Oatmeal, Barley

Organic Fruits

Pureed Apricots, Applesauce, Mashed Bananas, Pureed Peaches, Pureed Pears, Pureed Prunes

Food Progression 1-2 Years

Chicken contains low content of fat

Brown rice is a good source of energy and includes some protein, vitamins and minerals

Salmon is a good source of essential fat that supports brain function and the immune system

Yogurt is an amazing source of calcium, protein and phosphorus

Foods to avoid for babies

Whole or chopped nuts and seeds

Raw or under-cooked eggs

Salty food

Unnecessary sugar

Fizzy drinks

Tea, coffee or flavored drinks