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Window washing can be a fantastic way to earn money. There are two categories to go after when launching a window washing business: Residential customers and commercial customers. Residential customers include apartment’s, town houses and single-family homes while commercial customers may include offices, storefronts, bars, restaurants and small hotels such as Bed & Breakfasts.

The tools involved in Window washing are simple, inexpensive and easily to get. This makes it a very appealing start-up venture for many new entrepreneurs.
It’s good to have a mix of both residential and commercial clients, but you may find yourself gravitating more toward one or the other.

While you may only service residential customers once or twice a year, commercial customers are much more inclined to have their windows done on a regular basis; typically, monthly. Residential jobs can bring you anywhere from $50 to $500 or more where commercial jobs are usually from $25-$100 and much more straight forward.



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